Lois Hill Accessories is a leading designer of hand-crafted jewelry. Lois Hill, designer and principal owner, travels the globe exploring world cultures and historical arts in search of inspiration to create her collections of one-of-a-kind jewelry. The company, through Lois and her team of artisans, sales associates and other professionals, offers the customer the highest quality contemporary and timeless pieces, combining innovative design with intricate jewelry-making techniques, all steeped in world cultures spanning thousands of years in time.

Lois Hill Accessories was founded on the belief that exploring the world, its history and the arts ignites a passion and unique understanding of world cultures, their beauty and creativity and that it is possible to share that passion and understanding through design and craftsmanship.

After years of research, travel and perfecting her jewelry-making techniques, Lois established the company, Lois Hill Accessories, in 1997. With a small team of seven artisans and a showroom in New York City, Lois launched her first collection and has been designing, developing and producing jewelry collections ever since. Now working with a dedicated team of hundreds of artisans, sales staff and other professionals, Lois Hill Accessories sells jewelry and accessories through major retailers, specialty stores and online retailers.

Lois Hill Accessories values each and every employee and artisan. The company strives to develop employees through personal empowerment, accountability and a goal of greatness. The company embraces all of its employees’ and artisans’ religious and cultural diversity and promotes personal empowerment for all—especially among women. It also advocates for socially responsible business practices, decisions and manufacturing processes.