Travel through Time and Culture

Reaching back through centuries and around the globe, designer Lois Hill unearths the past while infusing the contemporary, creating a collection of sterling silver jewelry that is truly timeless.

Ancient ruins, classic museums, a 17th century bracelet, or a woven basket from an open-air market in Egypt – the mundane as well as the extraordinary – these serve as her inspiration. Each piece she creates reflects months of study, interpretation and refinement. Lois Hill is known for her unique combination of unrelated arts, spanning centuries and continents.

Featured Products

Brown Diamond & Matte Black Onyx Maltese Cross Necklace Brown Diamonds, Open Scroll Round Earrings Brown Diamond & Matte Black Onyx Earring 18K Gold Flat Open Scroll, Diamond Pendant Necklace Medium Brown Diamond & Matte Black Onyx Earrings